The tips in Artful Parenting are for those times when you are wondering, "How can I lovingly guide my child?"  This book has been written as a reference book until the time a parent has learned to be on automatic regarding their positive parenting skills.  What a child learns in their first six years lays the foundation for all that is to come in the rest of their life.  I know these tips work because my child and children of other parents who used these same tips turned out to be happy well-adjusted adults.

Tips for parents who. . .

  • want to have happy well-adjusted kids.

  • desire to raise their children in a positive and  nurturing environment.

  • want to be in charge of their kids in a responsible and loving way so their kids are not in charge.

  • want to teach their children to have respect for themselves and others.

  • want to have a handle on giving children choices.

  • believe in discipline without spanking.

  • want their kids to be truthful with them.

  • want to do it right before the teen years.

Artful Parenting

Simple Tips for Raising Awesome Kids

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